Remote Collar Class

11149764_438541949646462_8902731145950813833_oBlue Line Police K-9’s Remote Collar Class course is designed to show and teach K9 Officers the most effective and safe use of the remote collar.  Blue Line Police K-9’s unique course is designed specifically for Police K9 Officers and their dogs.  The use of the remote collar enables the K9 Officer to mold the dog’s behavior by teaching attention through extreme distractions utilizing motivation, timing, and consistency through communication with stimulation.  The K9 Officer will learn the proper use of the remote collar to control behavior in a positive, not negative manner.  K9 Officers will be able to work off leash, under complete control, allowing the K9 Officer to apply the training to everyday Police K9 Patrol work.  Blue Line Police K9’s remote collar classes are taught with a 2:1, or less, student to instructor ratio.

Instructor: John Skalski

Instruction Hours: 30

If you are interested in attending this class, scheduling a training seminar, or have any questions, contact us.

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