Blue Line Police K-9 was formed for you, K-9 Law Enforcement Officers. Our mission is to provide quality trained dogs to Law Enforcement agencies at a reasonable price. Our Trainers are unequaled in experience in the training of Police K-9’s and are retired or active K-9 Handlers and Trainers. 

Blue Line Police K-9 dogs do not sit in kennels and wait to be chosen for Police work.   Any dog that enters one of our training classes has been pre-serviced and is constantly worked right up to the time of sale.   What we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. 

We have all heard stories of the dogs that were unable to perform the tasks they were allegedly trained to do.  Blue Line Police K-9’s Trainers know the value of a well trained dog.  They also know the liabilities and dangers involved if the dog is not trained properly or if the Handler is not given the information to do their job.  This will not happen at Blue Line Police K-9, we deliver on all our promises.  

Blue Line Police K-9’s dogs are trained to be street ready and will perform their work off leash upon graduation.  Look at what we have to offer and feel free to contact us.

John Skalski 
Executive Director 
Blue Line Police K-9 LLC

A Partner You Can Trust™