John Skalski

John Skalski is a Retired Detroit Police Officer where he served for 34 years. John was the Detroit Police Trainer for 31 years. John also served as the trainer and handler for the Mount Clemens police department. John was the Chief Trainer of Oakland Community College Police Academy (K-9 Training Section) from 1998-2001. John is a Nationally certified police dog trainer and judge with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA), the world’s largest Police Canine organization. John served as the Chairman of the USPCA Trainers Committee for 12 years. John has been recognized as an expert witness in both federal and local courts in the area of police service dogs, as a trainer and handler. John has been involved in the training of over 1,500 dog teams throughout the United States and Canada. John instructs an average of 5 seminars a year for the past 35 years. In 1989 John was invited to attend the Federal Police Dog School in the State of Niedersachsen for 8 weeks. John trained for 4 weeks at the Royal Dutch Police Canine Training Center in 1989. John has served as the Chief  instructor for 11 USPCA National Training Seminars over the past 30 years. John currently conducts tests on new training techniques for detector and tracking dogs. These tests may lead to improved training by combining with existing methods.

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